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PRA Launches Two New Product Lines

PRA is introducing two new product lines leveraging the same wireless audio technology that made its first two products for musicians, WiC for Guitar and WiC for Computer, so successful.

The new products are powered, wireless, battery-powered, high--fidelity speakers, paired with our wireless transmitters that have the same great connectivity, long-range, and simplicity of our musicians' products. They all showcase a capability that no other wireless speaker system can do: connect to multiple speakers simultaneously.

With every one of our speakers, you can connect up to four speakers without having to run speaker cables - or even power cables, for that matter. Long-life Lithium-Ion batteries allow you to take them wherever you want, but even if you leave them in your listening room you get perfect isolation from wall power. Even when the are plugged in, they run off the battery, so you always get perfect isolation. 

This is not BLUETOOTH AUDIO...it's much better!

Bluetooth suffers from limitations that are impossible to overcome because it wasn't built for audio. Bluetooth can only connect to one speaker at a time. Bluetooth allows portability, but struggles to reach 30 feet. By design, it is unable to deliver an uncompressed sound. And, as you know, Bluetooth has no pairing security - it allows other people to pair with your devices even when you don't want them to. Our technology is secure, long-range, and simple. You can securely transmit uncompressed, HD sound to multiple speakers without interruption by other devices connecting unintentionally.



Wi-Fi is great for connecting to your music, but, like Bluetooth, it wasn't designed for sending audio to a speaker. A Wi-Fi speaker isn't truly portable because it requires a Wi-Fi network with a router and wall power. It is also susceptible to power outages, interference from multiple devices, and even interference from a home’s HVAC system. Our wireless audio technology is as portable as your speaker is. It passes through walls without extenders or boosters. Our  technology runs on its own network, which means your TV service and all your cool networked doorbells and refrigerators won't crowd out your music.