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About PRA Audio Systems

Company Overview

We believe that the freedom to listen to beautiful music anywhere at any time creates an emotional connection among people and helps them find joy in their lives. Our mission is to create products that let people connect through music with other people wherever they go, and simplify and deepen the music experience. Although we’re a company built on research and development, our main concern is the care of our customers – to give them high quality products and service so they can relax and enjoy the music.

History and Leadership

Paul Raley, our CEO and the inventor of our products, is a musician, audiophile, engineer and mathematician. He has played guitar on stage for years, and designed amplifiers in his spare time. But Paul is also a gifted engineer with a team backing him up that can do amazing things. Paul and his team designed complex radar and wireless systems for the satellite industry and the military. In his spare time over the last 40 years, Paul has built custom amplifiers and other gear as a hobby. In 2010, at a wedding a friend asked him if he thought it was possible to build better wireless for musicians. That was the day he decided to use his talent to attack some of the most difficult problems for musicians. Paul set out to design the best wireless audio technology possible, and WiC is the result of all that effort.

We decided to launch our wireless instrument systems for musicians first, because musicians have the most critical ears. We knew if we could satisfy the taste of discerning guitar and bass players, we had nailed it. After thousands of musicians had praised the amazing tone of our products, we launched our home audio and professional audio wireless speaker systems. 

One of the most important features of our technology, something that Bluetooth just can't do, is the capability to transmit to multiple speakers at the same time. Another is transmitting uncompressed, full spectrum, 24-bit audio to all those speakers. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi audio compresses the audio when transmitting. Our customers immediately hear the superior sound quality when they listen to music through our products.

Nearly every time a customer listens to familiar music through our products and says, "I've never heard that instrument before in that song". And that's music to our ears.

Product offerings

  • Home Audio Our line of high fidelity wireless, powered speakers for the home, featuring WiC wireless audio technology with superior sound quality, range and connectivity.

  • Musician Products - Our  WiC wireless instrument systems have superior tone, extraordinary range and simplicity. The long battery life, amazing range, great tone, and constant frequency scanning technology makes it ideal for guitar, bass, keyboards...literally any instrument with a 1/4" output.

  • Professional Audio - With our  WiC wireless popup PA systems and wireless microphone transmitters, you can setup a PA system anywhere in minutes. The WiC Microphone Transmitter works with any XLR microphone, plus you can play music from your phone or computer simultaneously. You can transmit wirelessly to four speakers at the same time with incredible range - and its all battery powered!