Can I charge my wireless guitar system with my phone charger? | PRA Audio

Can I charge my wireless guitar system with my phone charger?

The PRA Audio WiC wireless guitar system comes with a dual USB charger to charge both your WiC transmitter and receiver at the same time. The charger lets you fully charge both the transmitter and receiver in about 2 hours from full discharge. You don’t have to wait for full discharge to charge the batteries, and you don’t have to charge to full charge either. Don’t worry about “memory” in the rechargeable batteries. Memory is not a problem with Lithium-Ion batteries like it was with batteries from in the old days, so feel free to charge them after every show if you want.

If you take a look at the photo, you’ll see that it has a standard USB 2.0 Type A connector on one end, and a USB 2.0 Micro-B connector on the other end. Don’t be concerned about it being USB 2.0 vs 3.0 – that only matters for data speed, and we are only using the cable for charging. This is the same type of charging cables that come with most Android phones. So if you are on the road and you can’t find the charger or cables that came with your WiC, just bum a charger from an Android owner. If you have your cables (I recommend stashing a spare somewhere safe), you can always find someone with a USB block or wall wart, or worst case pick one up at gas station. You can also plug the charging cable into your computer or a standard USB car charger. That may help if all your time between gigs is spent on a tour bus or airplane.