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PRA Audio System's ES5 Pop-Up PA system has numerous business applications. Gone are the days of scheduling a professional AV crew to arrive hours before an event to scout the room for power outlets, load in amplifiers, microphone cables, speaker cables, and extension cords. That's all in the past. Whether the event is a hotel banquet, an outdoor wedding reception, a corporate town hall meeting, or a meeting of the local PTA at a school, the ES5 system eliminates the lugging in crates full of cords and gear and tricky setup. These speakers are powered by powerful D-class internal amplifiers, yet are lightweight and battery powered so no wall power is required. Anyone can set up a 4-speaker system in any environment in under 5 minutes, and then enjoy crystal clear audio! 


PRA Audio System's ES5 Pop-Up PA is ideally suited to the Hospitality market. Without amplifiers, microphone cables, speaker wires, and extension cords, the ES5 creates a single or multi-speaker system that any hotel event coordinator can set up in a hotel meeting or banquet room in under 5 minutes. Additionally, the wireless microphone transmitter can broadcast to four ES5 speakers simultaneously, so speakers can flexibly be placed in all parts of the room to ensure that the whole audience can hear the presentation. Set up the speakers, turn the microphone transmitter on, and be ready to start your event in less than 5 minutes! 

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Social events

Event Planners, especially those who plan outdoor events, know what a total pain it is to get a PA system up and running for the event. Where is the wall power? How many feet of extension cords will I need? How long are my speaker cable drops? 

All of that disappears with the ES5 Pop-Up PA! Since the ES5 speaker cabinets are powered by long-life lithium-ion batteries, there is no need for power! Put them anywhere you like! 

Event Planners know that "everything has to be perfect" to get referrals and grow business. The ES5 system allows event planners to literally set up the PA system in under 5 minutes, as opposed to the hour or so it takes to set up a traditional PA. This allows more time to focus on other aspects of making the event "just right". 

Corporate Events

You're a senior manager in a corporation. You need to communicate to the troops. Time for a town hall meeting. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could hear every word you say with clarity? Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to go through an hour or two of PA set-up? The ES5 Pop-Up PA has you covered!

The ES5 Pop-Up PA is perfectly suited for quick set-up, flexible speaker placement (so everyone can hear everything), crystal clear audio delivery, and quick tear-down when the meeting ends! Need music between presentations? No problem. The ES5's microphone transmitter has an AUX-in jack that allows music to be transmitted directly from a phone, computer, or tablet. 

Better engagement...ease of use...crystal clear audio. All without a single wire or cord. 

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houses of Worship

Today's modern houses of worship are routinely outfitted with expensive sound systems and high tech audio booths. We are NOT suggesting that the ES5 Pop-Up PA is a replacement for such.  

That said, when a small event like a kindergarten graduation, a wedding or funeral, or just about any small gathering being held in the sanctuary takes place...a sound tech is normally required to ensure that nothing disastrous happens to the hundred thousand dollar sound system installed in the sanctuary. 

What if it didn't have to be that way? The ES5 Pop-Up PA is the perfect solution to "pop up" for such an event and eliminate the risk to the church's high dollar sound system that requires technical resources to run. Simply put the speaker on a stand, turn it on, turn on the microphone transmitter, and the event is ready to go - and the sound system is safe!