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PRA Audio System's WiC for Guitar wireless system is obviously designed and marketed as a wireless system for electric guitar players. However, it has plenty of other meaningful applications in the live wireless music space. We currently have customers using it with bass guitars, keyboards, electric violins, cellos, and even harps. 


WiC for Guitar is the ultimate wireless system for serious guitar players. Its “constant connect” technology eliminates dropouts, transmitter and receiver pairing is immediate, the tone is “better than a cable”, and it provides guitarists freedom to move about the stage (and into the crowd to engage with the audience). From a pure utility standpoint, this system uses internal lithium ion batteries (no more 9 volts and AA’s rolling around in your gig-bag), can play up to 20 hours on a single charge, has no “rabbit ear” antennae to break off and requires no AC power at the reception source (no chance of 60-cycle hum). This wireless system literally eliminates every hurdle guitar players to using wireless units. 

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Because the WiC for Guitar covers 1Hz-23kHz, it works great with bass rigs. The transmitter broadcasts full spectrum, uncompressed, HD audio (24-bit). In the past, bass players have noted that they “lose” the lowest frequencies with wireless instrument systems when they drop-tune or play a 5-string bass. Problem solved! 


Though the official name of our wireless instrument system is “WiC for Guitar”, it performs seamlessly with professional keyboard rigs. The only difference is that the transmitter is a stereo transmitter to transmit both the left and right output from the back of the keyboard. And because this is a full frequency system, it will robustly transmit from the lowest key to the highest with amazing clarity. Keyboard players can put away those twin 30 foot cables, and place themselves anywhere on stage that they want! 

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Electric Violin/Cello/Harp

PRA Audio Systems has many electric stringed instrument players that have seamlessly integrated the WiC for Guitar wireless instrument system into their performance gear. As long as the input to the transmitter is a ¼” jack, WiC for Guitar provides flawless tone for electric violinists, cellists, harpists, and more.