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PRA Audio System's S-series of speakers provides the freedom to: build a full multi-room audio system for your home, take a couple of speakers on your next vacation, or host a live karaoke party. With 500-foot range and excellent wall penetration, setting up a multi-room system is as simple as putting the speakers wherever you want and turning them on. And when the music is transmitted from your digital device, the resulting 24-bit, uncompressed, high definition audio is breathtaking. 

Home Audio

The most obvious application for the S-series Speaker line is unrivaled wireless audio in your home. This line of speakers makes it easy to have a full system in your home that adapts in moments to the changing needs of the listener. Because these speakers are wireless and battery powered, they are completely portable, which allows flexibility in system design. Unlike Bluetooth,  a multi-room system can be easily implemented simply by purchasing speakers for every room (four S-Series speakers can be operated from a single transmitter) .

However, they are so easy to move that having a full multi-room system isn’t a requirement to enjoy lush audio in every section of your house. Party moving outside? Simply move the speakers with you. Want some tunes in the kitchen while preparing dinner? Again, it takes literally seconds to move the speakers to your location. And because the speakers are powered by Audality’s WiC wireless technology, they can literally be playing while you move them. There is no internet IP set-up to worry about, and no “connect codes” to employ in their new location. 

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Because S-series speakers are lightweight and portable, it’s easy to carry them along when traveling. Whether to the lake house, the beach condo, or in an RV, audiophile quality music is available in moments wherever you happen to be. If you have a multi-speaker system at home, you can simply grab a pair of them to enjoy amazing audio from the beach to the campfire to the lake. Relaxing in the den? No problem. Want music in the dining area? Easy as pie. Outdoor tunes on the deck? Done! 


Our customers asked…and we delivered! With a microphone transmitter connected to any XLR microphone, you can instantly transform your speaker system into a karaoke system. Simply connect your phone to the the microphone transmitter via 1/8" cable to integrate music and sing away! The transmitter has the ability to control music volume and vocal volume to dial in the perfect mix. 

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Rental Property upgrade

 The S-series of speakers creates the opportunity for rental property owners to advertise an amazing premium benefit to their customers. The notion that all the renter has to do is bring their phone or computer with them in order to enjoy beautiful audiophile quality audio is a differentiator in the rental marketplace.