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Jesse Roach

Jesse Roach’s breakout success was her debut on the famous TV show American Idol, but her warm and natural personality is what stood out to me. Her old school, country roots (born in Georgia, lives in Texas) are very evident in her writing and performances.


About Jesse

Jesse Roach has been described in the press as talented, sexy, passionate and completely alluring. Her music has been called real, unaffected and simply magical. A true natural in her singing and writing, reflecting the deep South Texas blues heritage absorbed as a child, Jesse has introduced a modern sensibility to the old passion. An atmosphere of back porch concerts under the low hanging Spanish moss in the old Live Oaks, is evident in the raw tonalities of her voice and the stories she tells. Driven by a need to perform and express herself, Jesse found a guitar, put her stories to music and began singing to whoever was around. Thus, after a chance meeting with veteran guitarist/songwriter/producer Ken Reynolds at one of her shows in Houston, in less than a year, Jesse’s fame and recognition has reached a point to where she is one of the best known artists in Houston.

Writing and recording in a collaboration with Ken, Doug Deforest and Ron Geslin, Jesse and her ‘team’ are on the way and ready for anything. Looks, talent, style and bravado come together to form the very core of this beautiful young lady!

What Jesse says: