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Mike Amico

Originally from upstate New York, Michael Amico has Played/Toured/Recorded with Pat Travers, Aldo Nova, Ansley Dunbar, Steve Fister, Mike Varney, Shrapnel/Blues Bureau Records and countless others.He has Attended The Bass institute of Technology and studied under Beaver Felton, Kjell Benner, Putter Smith, Bob Magnusson, Dale Titus, Tim Bogert, Jeff Berlin to name a few. Songwriting and Producing is also a passion of Michael's as well with credits on Blues Bureau international.


About Mike

Mike Amico began playing “bass”” in Rochester, NY at age 12 by using a guitar (6 String) with the two highest strings removed since that was all that was available to him. Hearing such groups as Van Halen, The Police, The Clash, and U2, Mike forged ahead by learning as much as he could by ear and standing outside his friends’ guitar lessons absorbing what he heard. Wearing out records and needles on numerous turntables learning everything thing he could, he progressed far enough to join the neighborhood band and began playing in front of people by the age of 15 with his first “real bass” a $40 knock-off bass. It was not long into that time period when his high school jazz band’s bass player introduced him to the school’s Fender Precision bass. Love at first sight. So borrowing that when he could, he practiced tirelessly, progressing even further with the higher quality instrument and playing in Rochester, Buffalo, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Canada and entire east coast market with bands such as Immaculate Mary, Holy Saint, Harpo, Alice’s Nightmare(Alice Cooper Tribute) and Lipstick.

The late 80’s found him re-locating to Florida and studying with Super Chops for Bass instructor Beaver Felton which led to a decision to enroll in the Bass Institute of Technology in 1993. After 2 Years in Los Angeles, he returned to Florida where he was enlisted by Pat Travers to play bass in his band with Ansley Dunbar(Journey, Zappa, Whitesnake) and Steve Fister (Lita Ford) for numerous tours of Europe and the US and to record the “Blues Magnet” record released on Blues Bureau International. He got into producing and studio engineering in the early 2000’s working on records by George Collichio and Karan Andrea achieving writing, producing and engineering credits on both.

Mike’s influences are wide and varied…JS Bach, Mozart, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, John Entwistle, Jack Bruce, Tim Bogert, Sting, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jimi Hendrix and Billy Sheehan to name a few. He studied electric bass with Kjell Benner, Beaver Felton, Jeff Berlin, Putter Smith, Dale Titus, Bob Magnusson, Gary Willis, George Lopez, Paul Farnen, David Kief and others.

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