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Ron Charlton

Ron Charlton has written, played, and produced for Top-10 Artists, Grammy Winners and Latin Grammy Winners. Ron is adept at many styles of music including, but not limited to, Rock, Country, Funk, R&B, Gospel and CCM. He’s played countless live and studio sessions. He is a true professional, bringing the right part, right tone, and right feel to every situation.


About Ron

In his own words: 

I began writing songs in grade school. Using my parent’s cassette recorder I would make up words to songs I knew. I graduated to writing actual songs with original music and melodies around age 13. I played in the school band and excelled at music, but it wasn’t until he was 18 that I got my first guitar. I knew right from the start that the guitar was going to be “it” for me. I would spend countless hours practicing and would often decline to participate in other activities in order to stay at home and play.

In my early 20’s I was able to audition for and attend Musician’s Institute (MI) in Hollywood. Attending MI caused my musical horizons to broaden. I began to focus on differing styles of music and became interested in the ever-versatile giants of the studio world. Players like Dann Huff, Steve Lukather, Brent Mason, Tim Pierce, Larry Carlton, Nile Rodgers, Jeff Porcaro (drums), Abraham Laboriel (bass) and Nathan East (bass) left a lasting impression on me and set the standard for what to play and how to play it. As my musical ear became more developed I began to notice I had a knack for parts and production. I took notice of the little things that keep a song moving, the things that separated a good song from a great song. I began to seek out who was responsible for great songs and great recordings. I learned and loved the works of great producers like Quincy Jones, Mutt Lange and my already-heroes Dann Huff, and Nile Rodgers. Following the natural progression I started moving into music production and began creating music and managing entire projects for labels and artists. My goal is to get whomever I am working with to sound their very best. Whether they need a song, music and parts, total production or a guitarist/music director for a world tour I am always ready to make it happen.

Most recently I finished the “Your Word” project with notable music stars from all over the world, literally, US, China, Brazil, India, The Philippines, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain…just to name a few. This group of artists included Grammy winners and Latin Grammy winners. I am currently working on Billy Dorsey’s (also a Grammy Winner) next single (first) and Album (second).

What Ron says: