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PRA Audio Gig Bag
The PRA Audio gig bag is perfect for carrying a WiC for Guitar, WiC for Computer, or anything else you want to put in it. It contains three removable separators so you can organize the contents the way you like.
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Holster for WiC transmitter
A replacement WiC holster, identical to the one comes standard WiC for Guitar or WiC for Computer. The holster is made of a rugged synthetic leather in black, matching the color of the WiC transmitter and keeping it inconspicuous. The swivel clip attaches firmly to your guitar strap or pocket, or you can velcro it to an instrument (upright bass, violin or harp).
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Dual USB Charger
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1/4″ Instrument Cable, 2 ft. (.6m)
The 1/4″ Instrument Cable, 2 ft. (.6m) has a right angle 1/4″ connector on one end and a straight 1/4″ connector on the other end, so it will work with just about any instrument.
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WiC for Guitar Transmitter
A second transmitter lets you switch between two guitars on the same receiver. To switch guitars, just pair the transmitter you want to use with the receiver by momentarily pressing the pairing button on the transmitter and receiver.
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