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M1 Wireless Guitar System
The Audality M1 Wireless guitar system is built with WiC® wireless technology to deliver a high fidelity wireless instrument connection for serious musicians, with sound quality that will make you forget the cable. Plug the M1 transmitter with the blue label into your instrument, and plug the longer cable from the receiver with the red label to your amplifier, pedal, or mixing board. Works with both guitar and bass.

Each system comes with a Gig Bag to keep your equipment together and safe.
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Battery Replacement - Wireless Guitar System
Our Battery Replacement program provides replacement of the rechargeable batteries in the WiC Wireless Guitar System or M1 Wireless Instrument System. To take advantage of the program, purchase this product and ship your transmitter and receiver to us. We'll replace the batteries and ship them back to you.
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WiC USB Audio Transmitter
The USB Audio Transmitter accepts audio from a USB audio source and sends it to WiC compatible speakers or receivers.

It works not only with phones, but computers, tablets and other devices with a USB-C connector. The USB Audio Transmitter plugs right into your phone or computer. The connector swivels to allow access to other USB ports when it's plugged into your computer.
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