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Our Speaker Technology

At first glance, you may think our speakers look like lots of retro-looking speakers, but you'll immediately start to note the differences. Most important?  All of them are wireless - but NOT BLUETOOTH or WI-FI.  WiC® technology lets you play music to multiple speakers anywhere on earth - Neither Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can do that.

Our wireless audio technology is supplied by Audality, the inventor of WiC®, the new standard for wireless audio transmission. Audality wireless audio is the only wireless audio technology that delivers uncompressed, 24-bit audio with over 500 feet of range and extremely low latency.  Bluetooth destroys your audio quality because it was not developed for audio; it was developed for device control, so it inherently requires compression that kills the frequency response and clouds your music in audio noise. Unlike Wi-Fi speakers, our speakers don't require a Wi-Fi router or wall power. They are powered speakers with over 500 feet of range and great wall penetration. 

On top of all that, they are beautiful, hand-crafted speakers using green, renewable technology and materials. 

Read on to learn more about our extraordinary products.


Unlike Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, our technology was built from the ground up specifically for audio - so it delivers consistent 24-bit HD sound with no interference. Our wireless audio technology offers the longest range of any wireless audio technology: up to 500 feet; whereas,  Wi-fi range is only 120 feet, and Bluetooth's range is even less, at 30 feet. 

Our wireless technology gives you secure connections without WiFi, routers, wall power or Bluetooth. And pairing is so much simpler: WiC has one-touch, instant pairing, unlike Bluetooth and WiFi, which require codes, router settings, and settings updates. Not only that, it doesn't require special apps, network extenders, or any other products. And it's so low power it can run for hours, even days, on a single battery charge.

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Amplifier Technology

We source our high quality Class-D amplifiers from Audality where they create the purest sound quality in a highly efficient package for portable, long-lasting battery operation. The audio quality from our amplifiers is unmistakably superior to any wireless speaker you've ever heard. They deliver true audiophile sound quality without the astronomical price tag. 

Our amplifiers range from 65 watts to 325 watts, perfectly matched with each speaker model for maximum power and efficient battery operation. They all have on board Lithium Ion batteries that charge quickly and run for a full weekend. They also have short circuit, clip and thermal overload protection. 

Hand Crafted Cabinets 

Our home audio speakers are hand-crafted out of bamboo for a beautiful, natural cabinet that looks amazing with any decor. You'll want to display them prominently like a piece of art or classic furniture.

Our professional audio speakers are made of baltic birch plywood with a rugged road coat. Comparable speakers made of manufactured "wood" like MDF are susceptible to swelling and breaking when exposed to moisture, and can release carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde as they age.

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Environmentally Friendly

We are doing our part to conserve energy - our amplifiers are up to 4 times as efficient as other amplifiers, so they run for hours, even days, on a single charge. The Lithium Ion batteries are recyclable, and we offer a battery replacement and recycling program to keep them out of land fills.

We chose bamboo for our speaker cabinets because they're beautiful; and bamboo is a renewable resource. The bamboo harvested for our speakers replenishes itself in less than five years. We source our bamboo from China, where it grows in a bamboo forest of over 100 square kilometers. Unlike the bamboo that grows in the U.S. and Europe, each stalk of the native bamboo of China is over 5 inches in diameter. It's beautiful, plentiful, and environmentally friendly.