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30 Day Return Policy

We are so sure you will like our products that they all come with a 30 day return policy with no questions asked. If you are not completely satisfied after purchasing any of our products we will give you a full refund, excluding freight costs. Contact us at for return instructions.

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2 Year Warranty

All of our products come with a 2 year limited warranty against any failures other than due to abuse. Our products are made in the USA and built to last, even with the typical beating they are likely to take from road warriors. We cover faulty parts and labor, but not normal wear and tear or damage from abuse.

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Battery Replacement Program

The batteries that come with WiC products are designed to last for around 1000 charging cycles. They also last a long time, so they don’t need to be charged for every gig. Rechargeable batteries don’t last for ever, though, so we offer battery replacement for a modest charge. Send your WiC unit back to us and we will replace the batteries and return it to you ready for another few years.

Cables included badge

Cables Included

All of the cables and chargers needed to use WiC are included in the box. For WiC for Guitar, that’s two 1/4″ cables (one to the instrument and one to the amp), a dual USB charger and two USB cables. For WiC for Computer,that’s one 1/4″ cables (one to the instrument), a dual USB charger and one USB cable. They also come with international plugs for when you are on your world tour

By the way, all of the cables and plugs are of standard variety, so if you are on the road and lose one you can easily get a replacement and any store that carries that kind of stuff.