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  1. I’m a bassist and I’ve tried a dozen different wireless systems, but never found one I liked… UNTIL I tried the WiC system at NAMM in Nashville. The problem I found with every other system is that the tone of my bass changed or was different from the tone when using a cable. The wireless systems made my tone lose a lot of bottom end and punch. As a result I have always been very skeptical of any wireless connection systems. I was very surprised and pleased at how well the WiC system worked and could tell no real change in tone when I switched from wired to WiC. Absolutely fantastic product. I am finally able to go wireless!

  2. I have a wireless system that I’m happy with, Sampson airline. It has a tiny transmitter that hangs right out of the bass jack. I love this as it doesn’t require a belt pack, just plug it into the bass. Several of my musician friends love this too. The only thing I don’t like about the system is that it’s noticeably more trebly than a cable and adds a bit of hiss. Its response is labeled at 50 Hz to 16 kHz. Your system should sound better. Is there any chance that your company will be making a transmitter that hangs out of the instrument input? If so I’d really like to know about it.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thank you for reaching out. Very early on we considered the little plug in transmitter that would plug right into the input jack. We made prototypes and tested them with various players. The feedback from players is that they did not like it. Vintage players hated it because it looked modern and Strat players said it got in the way of their tremolo arm. The acoustic guitar players were not crazy about it either because they felt it was a foreign object hanging from their guitar. Few Bass players that tested it didn’t seem to mind too much but Fender Jazz and Fender P players did because of the top mounted jack. So it was a short lived idea and we decided not to do it. When we designed the WiC we made sure it was small and light weight. The transmitted/receiver is slightly smaller than a large box of Altoids. And the pair weigh less than a smart phone.

      The WiC for Guitar Voicing would be ideal for any bass played and I highly recommend you give it a try. Another benefit we offer is automatic channel selection and Lithium rechargeable batteries. Since you no longer have to buy batteries the WiC system will pay for itself. Also having receiver that is not connected to the mains eliminates ground loops.


      Pyotr Belov
      VP of Sales and Marketing

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