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WiC Wireless Audio from Audality

Our wireless audio technology is supplied by Audality, the leader in wireless audio, and inventor of WiC, the new standard for wireless audio transmission. Audality wireless audio is the only wireless audio technology that delivers uncompressed, 24-bit audio with over 500 feet of range and extremely low latency.

Forget about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Musicians have been playing live on stage using our WiC wireless audio technology for years. Our Musician Ambassadors praise its superior tone, extraordinary range, and reliable connectivity. It's been proven in the most discerning audio environments throughout the world.

Now, the same WiC technology is available in our wireless speakers and music and microphone transmitters. Unlike Bluetooth, our WiC technology transmits audio directly from any audio source to multiple speakers at the same time.  


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WiC is the only wireless audio technology that gives you convenient portability AND the luxury of a multi-room, multi-speaker system. Bluetooth simply can't do that. Setting up your listening environment is unbelievably easy. Simply use wall power when available, or battery power when it isn't. Because you have the flexibility to place speakers in the ideal location, you can arrange them to get the very best sound quality possible. On top of all that, our frequency-hopping radio technology extends the range and keeps WiC products free from interference.


Our wireless technology does not rely on WiFi, routers, wall power or Bluetooth. No apps, extenders, or any other products needed. And it's so low power it can run for hours on a single battery charge.


Unlike Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, our technology was built from the ground up specifically for audio - so it delivers consistent 24-bit HD sound with little-to-no interference in transmission.


Our technology has one-touch, instant pairing. At a minimum Bluetooth and WiFi require codes, router settings, and settings updates.


Wi-Fi is susceptible to hacking or app developers listening in on your conversations - Bluetooth is susceptible to  unwanted pairings. WiC security prevents uninvited guests from listening in.


Our wireless audio technology offers the longest range of any wireless network: up to 500 feet. Wi-fi range is only 120 feet. Bluetooth's range is even less, at 30 feet.

Green, Low Power

Because it is a dedicated wireless audio network, WiC doesn't waste power sifting through unwanted data and network packets. That leaves all its power available to delivering beautiful sounding audio.