Wireless that sounds

as good as a Cable

WiC™ for Computer

Wireless recording on the go. Record wireless to your computer using your favorite software.


WiC™ for Guitar

Go wireless from any instrument to your amplifier, pedal, or mixing board.


  • 2.4GHz Uncompressed Digital Audio
  • Noise Free Dynamic Range
  • Interference-free Auto Channel Selection
  • One-touch pairing
  • Long-lasting Rechargeable batteries
  • Standard Audio Cables
Design & Quality
  • Light weight ergonomic design
  • Made in USA.
  • Priced for the Working Musician

About PRA Audio

Geeks that Jam

PRA Audio is a company of musician/engineers that used to build satellite systems, airborne radar equipment and signal processing systems. They now apply their wireless and signal processing prowess to building the highest quality wireless sound equipment available.


PRA Audio blog

Featured Artist of the Week: Richard Chambliss

Guitarist Richard Chambliss is one PRA Audio’s WiC enthusiasts in the Seattle area. Richard is known for skillful play on the 7-string guitar, and Joe Satriani and Steve Vai-inspired solos.
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Here's what they say

  • Luke

    Music Industry Executive

    I used the Wic recently while playing with my band and I was blown away with how easy it was to use and the quality of the sound. I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t any frequency selecting or hardly any set up to it. I literally turned them on, plugged in, and started playing. The sound quality was crisp and the signal was very strong, just like a cable if not better. I think you have a winner here!

  • Leland Brown

    House of Worship

    Today was terrific…10 wireless microphones on in close proximity. And there was never any wireless frequency conflict. No time spent searching for an open frequency. I was set to go immediately. With the long lithium battery life I could leave the transceiver and receiver connected even through the sermon. And there was no problems with pops or other noise from the speakers. Completely clear channel.

  • Anton

    Grammy Winner

    I’ve tested the guitar system, and it is INCREDIBLE!

  • Gary Nichols


    Hey Paul! I am loving the recording unit.

  • George


    Last night i opened it up, read the quick directions, set it up, and within SECONDS was playing wirelessly, in my basement.

    I gotta be honest…..I took the WIC home and let it sit for a few days as I messed around with some other more menial duties. In the back of my mind I had a wee bit of dread about how to set it all up–being a Luddite and someone who’s not very technical.

    It just freed me up to play all around the room, hallway, wherever. I was truly amazed and played for twice as long as I usually do, because it was so much fun.

    Damn, you could plug in an amp on your front porch, walk out in the yard 100 feet, and jam! (that’s next) Thank you for letting me try it out!