Really, you ask? We estimate that less than 1/2 of 1 percent of all WiC users actually read the Getting Started Guide. Given that, why would we even bother posting them, let alone a compliance document that is a documented cure for insomnia? Because we care deeply about all of our customers – you half percenters and you insomniacs. So, have at it. Even bookmark the page if you want.

Logos and Images

PRA Audio his here to give you the freedom to express yourself, untethered by cables. We want you to have the same freedom of expression when you talk about PRA Audio and the WiC. To make it easy, we have posted our logos with transparent backgrounds, and icons with colored and transparent backgrounds. Feel free to use them – just not in a way that would mislead your audience about who we are. And, by all means, link back to our website so readers can find us.

PRA Audio Systems logo on transparent background (582×252)


WiC™ logo (365×100)


WiC™ logo (729×200)


WiC™ logo (1276×350)


WiC™ logo (1629×450)


PRA with guitar on white background


PRA with guitar on black background (453×453)


PRA with guitar on transparent background (467×396)

Logo with Guitar 2